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The Potential of Renewable Energy

Raywatt is an emerging Solar Power Installation company that offers solutions for companies to implement solar power in their day 2 day activities.

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We offer various business models to implement Solar Power for the commercial and industrial power consumers.

Solar CAPEX Model

The Solar CAPEX model takes into account various factors that contribute to the overall cost of a solar project. These factors may include:

OPEX Model

Solar Power Opex, also known as solar power as a service, refers to a financing model where a solar power system is installed and operated by a third-party provider, who retains ownership of the system and bears the upfront costs.

Utility Scale / Open Access

Utility-Scale Solar: Utility-scale solar installations are large solar power plants designed to generate electricity at a massive scale.

Operational expenditure solar solutions | Solar OPEX model

Solar Fencing

Solar fencing refers to a type of security fencing system that uses solar power to generate electricity for its operation.

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