Raywatt Solar

Utility Scale & Open Access

Utility-Scale Solar:

Utility-scale solar installations are large solar power plants designed to generate electricity at a massive scale. These solar plants can cover extensive areas with solar panels and contribute significantly to the local power grid. Utility-scale solar often involves power purchase agreements (PPAs) with utility companies to sell the generated electricity.

Group Captive

Group captive refers to a model where a group of consumers or entities collectively own and operate a power generation facility for meeting their own electricity requirements. In this model, the consumers become shareholders in the power plant and consume the electricity generated by the facility. In India, it is mandated that the company has 26% stake in the Power Generating company and consumes more than 51% of the power produced.

Third-Party Open Access

Third-party open access, also known as open access in the electricity sector, refers to the provision of non-discriminatory access to the transmission or distribution network to third-party generators or consumers. It allows generators or consumers to trade electricity directly with each other without going through the local distribution company

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